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NHSE-I – Confirmation On LFD Tests For Patient Facing Staff

LOCSU welcomes the confirmation from NHS England-Improvement that from 1st April 2022, LFD tests for patient facing staff will continue to be available through the portal. This is in line with UKHSA advice.

More information can be seen here: C1621-living-with-COVID-19-testing-update-letter-30-march-2022.pdf (  

Optical professionals should contact their membership bodies with further enquiries.

Nottinghamshire Formulary Update – Eye Lubricant Guidance

The Nottingham CCG team have updated the Nottinghamshire Primary Care Eye Lubricant Guidance. 

Please find below links to the formulary and guidance. This should provide an idea of what guidance GPs may possibly be working to.

Formulary: eye-lubricants.pdf (

Guidance: Guidance on the use of ocular lubricants for dry eye conditions in primary care (

Sustainability in Optical Practices ABDO Survey

Sustainability is an ongoing journey for us all. By working together and taking small steps we can ensure that the optical professions and industry are something we can all be proud of as we work together to save the world for future generations.

A survey has designed to cover as many sustainability activities as possible for individuals, practices and businesses in the optical community, so not all activities may be applicable to you. Just click N/A and these won’t be counted in your score.

By using this survey tool, you are making a vital contribution to the long-term future of our planet. You can use this to measure where you are right now, and return in a few months’ time to see the progress you have made.

There are over 80 questions in this survey, but don’t be daunted. It’s easy to click yes or no to them. You can complete the survey in a few minutes – or take a little longer and jot down useful ideas that you’d like to implement in your practice or business.

If you need to, you can save your survey part way through and return within 30 days to complete it.

Don’t be discouraged if you see many activities that you haven’t even started yet. Pick one or two quick wins as you go through the survey and see what new activities you can start this week or this month.

To complete the survey, please visit: