Eye Care Liaison Officers (ECLOs)

Eye Care Liaison Officers (ECLOs also known as Eye Clinic Liaison Officers) have lots of knowledge on eye conditions and on helpful local and national services.

ECLOs act as an important bridge between health and social services and are central to the support and wellbeing of patients in eye clinics. They also help prevent avoidable sight loss, by talking through treatment and helping people to understand their medication if necessary.

What kind of support can an ECLO give?

ECLOs are there to provide you with up-to-date information and put you in touch with useful services by making referrals on your behalf.

They can advise you on:

Eye conditions
Welfare benefits you may be entitled to
Remaining in employment or re-training
Mental health and emotional wellbeing
Children’s services and where to get help with difficulties at school
Voluntary organisations and local support groups.

ECLOs are also able to explain the process of becoming registered as blind or partially sighted and the benefits of being registered.

ECLOs can work with people of all ages, but some may specialise in working with people of a specific age group, such as older people. However, all ECLOs will provide you with support and advice if you ask for it.

RNIB ECLO contacts:

Jacqueline Price – Partnerships & Development Manager (East Midlands)


Helen Smith – Partnerships & Development Manager (West Midlands)