Distance Learning

Minor Eye Conditions Services (MECs)

There are two parts to the training and accreditation for MECs which is based on the course used to train optometrists who provide MECS in Wales.   Part 1 is the series of distance learning lectures (theoretical training), where lectures are provided via your registered account’s dashboard and MCQ answers are uploaded onto a website.  This course is accredited for 14 CET points.  Part 2 of the training is the practical station assessment – WOPEC can work with areas to organise this.


A training and accreditation programme to support the LOCSU Glaucoma Services (Glaucoma Repeat Reading Service/Glaucoma Enhanced Case-Finding Service and Glaucoma Community Monitoring). The package consists of distance learning lectures and a short video.

A template for a practical skills assessment has been designed to complement the distance learning. The assessments can be organised locally, and a number of Lead Optometric Assessors across England have been trained by WOPEC to facilitate these assessments.


The Pre- and Post-Operative Cataract course comprises online theoretical training lectures and MCQs, a visual recognition (VRICS) test and a video following a cataract patient journey in hospital. Lectures cover the following topics: Types and grading of cataract; Pre-operative assessment and considerations and Complications of cataract surgery. All are CET accredited.

Low Vision

This course of ten CET accredited online theoretical training lectures and MCQs, is open to optometrists and dispensing opticians.

The lectures cover pathology, assessment of visual function, low vision needs, magnifiers, and low vision solutions.  There is also practical training and assessment.

Learning Disabilities

LOCSU and WOPEC have launched a new distance learning course designed to increase the eye care professional’s ability to deliver an effective service to people with learning disabilities and to support commissioning of the LOCSU Community Eye Care Pathway for Adults and Young People with Learning Disabilities.  The course, which is funded by LOCSU, has been designed by Dr Margaret Woodhouse, Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University, and renowned expert in the eye care needs of children and adults with disabilities.

As well as being suitable for optometrists, specific editions of the training module have been especially designed for dispensing opticians and optical assistants.  Each hour of lecture/video learning will be assessed using 12 multiple-choice questions. The training is accredited for CET points

Children’s Vision (Paediatrics)

This course supports the LOCSU Paediatrics Pathway using online lectures, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and case-based Key Features Scenarios (KFS) all of which can be completed by distance learning via the WOPEC website.  In summary, there are 5 distance learning lectures (each has 6 MCQs), KFS on four patient scenarios (each with 3-5 MCQs), MCQ answers uploaded with instant results given, CET approved for 7 non-interactive CET points and an individualised CET Cardiff University Accreditation Certificate (in PDF format).

To become accredited for this course, practitioners will have to successfully pass online MCQs relating to each lecture and the KFS. It is open to optometrists and dispensing opticians.

If you would like to undertake any of the above WOPEC modules, please email info@nottsloc.org.uk to request access codes.