General Ophthalmic Service

Clinical Waste

In-line with The College of Optometrists guidelines, practices are required to dispose of ophthalmic drugs in an appropriate and safe manner. These guidelines will also meet the requirements of the General Ophthalmic Services contract.

Cannon are able to offer their Pharmi Bin (available in various sizes) suitable to dispose of Minims, Fluorets, contact lens solution and out of date contact lenses. These are leak proof once sealed.

Please note:- Pharmi Bins are not suitable for hazardous waste.

Low Vision

Sight Impaired / Partially Sighted

The person is substantially and permanently disabled by defective vision caused by congenital defect, illness or injury *

3/60 6/60 with full visual fields upto 6/24 with moderate field constriction better than or equal to 6/18 with contricted fields

Severely Sight Impaired / Blind

Blind has to be unable to perform and work as eyesight is essential *

6/60 with severe constriction 3/60 6/60 with moderate constriction 1/18 3/60 with full fields

Visual Impairment Team – please click here for contact details.