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Wet ARMD Pathway


Although no formal pathway has been arranged with the LOC, a direct referral pathway has been created by the ophthalmology clinic at Kings Mill Hospital.  For referral of suspect Wet AMD patients, the ophthalmologists at Kings Mill Hospital would like the form to be completed and faxed to them.  The fax no is  01623 672 370.

As a fail-safe and to prevent long delays that can lead to irreparable vision loss, we would advise you to telephone the ophthalmology secretaries on 01623 622515 extension 6154 to make sure that you fax has been received.

This pathway was created without the input of the LOC, so please be aware that there is no additional payment for work or time involved in any differential diagnosis or completion of the form.   At present the LOC has not been informed of any such pathway for the QMC. As more details become available, they will posted.

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 October 2013 15:55  


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