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An alert to AOP members about potential fraudulent activity

The AOP and LOCSU have been made aware that people are calling AOP members ‘on behalf of the AOP’ trying to obtain personal contact information over the phone. 

You should be aware that these individuals are not employed or appointed by AOP to make these calls and you should not give any personal information out over the phone.

If you have passed on any data or are concerned about this matter, please call the AOP membership team on 020 7549 2010.

The members who notified the AOP were contacted on practice numbers not personal numbers, so be sure to update your practice teams.

The callers have given the names of Tom Everett, calling from a mobile number ending 0460 and Chris Shringham, calling from a mobile number ending 1291. We are also aware of a female caller.

This matter has been reported to the Police.

Why are they targeting members?

The AOP suspect it is to gather email details to send so-called 'phishing' emails using a bogus email account. These email accounts may appear to be from the AOP or an official agency such as HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) telling people they are due a Council Tax refund.

These emails are designed to capture sensitive financial information from their victims, either by taking them to a fake website or by downloading malicious software to computers, that allow the fraudsters to track and trace internet usage.

It appears that these fraudsters are calling members using the public GOC register. We don’t have any indication of a data breach or cyber-attack on our side.

Top tips to keep yourself safe online

The Fraud Investigation Unit gave us these top tips for keeping yourself safe online:

•    If you have provided personal information, change all of your online passwords to the highest recommended security settings and do not use the same password twice

•    If you receive a suspicious email, you should delete it straight away without accessing any web links or downloading any files

•    If you aren’t sure if an email is legitimate once you’ve opened it, look for clues like language used – are they using unusual terms? Or are they calling you ‘Dear member’ rather than a personalised  ‘Dear Mr Jones’ (as we do in our communications). You can also          hover your mouse over the sender's email address, it will reveal the true source rather than what is displayed at first

•    Check your social media accounts and make sure you do not have any personal information displayed, such as your date of birth

If you have given a personal email address to someone you are not sure about, consider closing your email account down and opening a new on


Advice On Referral Of Low Risk OHT Patients

Recently minuted at the CCG Ophthalmology Working Group is advice from our local Ophthalmology Consultants at Queen’s Medical Centre.

14th Jan 2016.     03.01.    The guidance on hospital referral for patients with pressures of 21-24 was checked and local protocols can be put in place to avoid the
need for hospital referral. It was agreed to remind optometrists that such patients can be referred to the referral refinement scheme for review and monitoring.  

Patients with no suspicion of glaucoma who have OHT within the 21-24mmHg range are of sufficiently low risk not to require treatment, they can therefore either
be referred via the GP to the Community Ophthalmology Service or monitored within the optometrists practice if this is within your competence.


Prescribing Update - Blephaclean

The Derbyshire Joint Area Prescribing Committee (JAPC) reviewed the evidence and formulary status of Blephaclean at its April meeting, following requests from optometrists to GPs to prescribe this.

Our decision was to advise GPs NOT to prescribe this and similar products, and I write to inform all optometrists of this decision.

As you know, blepharitis is a common and chronic condition that can usually be managed straightforwardly with adequate self-care measures.  We feel that prescribing products such as Blephaclean is not an effective use of limited NHS resources.

It would be helpful if optometrists can sign post patients to resources that promote self-care  e.g. NHS choices

Thank you
Dr Andrew Mott
Chair of JAPC


Important Information - Referrals to Ophthalmology

To help improve the 'quality' of referrals into Ophthalmology, Nottinghamshire LOC have put together some guidance - please click here to view.


Wet AMD Fax Referrals To Kings Mill Hospital

We have received reports that some fax referrals for Wet AMD to Kings Mill Hospital have not been received.

As a fail-safe and to prevent long delays that can lead to irreparable vision loss, we would advise you to telephone the ophthalmology secretaries on 01623 622515 extension 6154 to make sure that your fax has been received.

Ocular Lubricants

The National Drug Tariff has produced an introductory document for GPs on ocular lubricants.  It gives the background to ocular lubricants in general and discusses the issue of preservatives in eye drops.

Please click here for further details.




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